MarDee McDougal


about me:

I've been a Photographer ever since I was a child.
Some of my earliest memories are those of me behind the lens of
my parents'  Kodak 616.
I enjoy being on the "business" side of a camera...and do my best to convert
what I'm seeing to the picture that will soon be viewed by not only myself, but
hopefully by others.
I have a Certificate from New York Institute of Photography as a
Professional Photographer
Have taken several photography classes from both Portland Community College
and Chemeketa Community College
I am also a member of the Yamhill Valley Camera Club..

My photographs lend themselves to decoration of your home or your office.

Having worked in the Real Estate Field for 30 years,  I can guarantee you that the well

decorated home sells more rapidly than the bare-wall approach.   And...clients/patients

feel more at ease in a well decorated office/waiting room.